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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome everyone to my first blog, and my first blog post.
I will invite all of you to join this blog, so you can be updated about what I am working on, and what new paintings might be in the make........and added to my website soon.

And all other news I might want to add to this blog.

Today I am almost finished a new painting that I shall add hopefully later on today to the blog and website............keep looking at: www.eschasgallery.exto.nl

I have also set up a new website where you can buy prints this is quit good if you cant afford a real painting or just dont have the space.....check this side out: www.eschasgallery.imagekind.com

Thanks for joining my blog...........and keep coming back for new updates ......

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  1. The logbook of the big grey wolf salute you, I wish you`ll have got god winds and calm at the seas, now you set sail in that sea.

    Big wolf hughs